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Time tested bearing pads for bridges and buildings.


SORBTEX has been in use in the market for over 60 years.  Original use was for vibration and shock isolation in US military applications.


SORBTEX material is composed of multiple layers of the highest quality cotton-polyester fabric duck impregnated with oil resistant synthetic rubber with approximately 64 layers of rubber impregnated duck per one inch of thickness. SORBTEX has a hardness of 90 shore “A” and is manufactured to Military Specification MIL-C-882. SORBTEX has a minimum ultimate compression strength of 10,000 psi. (68.94 Mpa) and is commonly used in many heavy load vibration and shock damping and structural bearing pad applications and commonly has PTFE laminated to the top surface to be used inconjunction with a sole plate that has a polished stainless steel surface to slide against the PTFE to make an cost effective simple expansion bearing.


SORBTEX Structural bearings are able to handle compressive loads of 2500 psi.( 17.23 Mpa) at non-uniform load conditions up to .025 radians.


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